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Diastasis Recti most often manifests itself as a bulge in the midline of the body, especially in the place where the heads of the rectus muscle are farthest from each other, i.e. around the navel and above. Particularly noticeable changes occur when the abdomen is tensed (e.g. when lifting the head up while lying on the back or when getting out of bed without using one's hands) because a conical bulge becomes visible along the abdomen. Depending on the condition of the linea and the type of separation, after delivery you may also notice a depression along the linea alba.
Other symptoms that may suggest the presence of diastasis rectus abdominis muscle (RMPB) include:

A bulging, pregnancy-like belly that does not shrink despite exercise and weight loss,

Bulging of the navel or bulge along the midline of the body,

Visible internal organs just under the skin (intestinal transport visible to the naked eye, e.g. when lying on your back),

Pain in the abdominal wall,

Indirect symptoms, e.g. pelvic disorders, such as urinary incontinence or lowering of organs, pain in the lumbar-sacral spine.

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