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Kinesiotaping - what is it?

Kinesiotaping, also known as dynamic taping, is a physiotherapy technique used to treat pain, strains, scars and other body injuries. It involves the use of taping tape, which is applied in a specific way, in specific places - to stimulate the tissues of muscles, skin, as well as lymphatic and blood vessels to work and regenerate, and in addition - to protect specific structures (joints). , ligaments and others) against further overload or injury.

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Kinesiotaping – what is it?

Application and therapeutic effects of kinetic tapes
  • Kinesio taping is a therapeutic method used by physiotherapists, which involves applying specially designed kinesiological tapes to specific places on the body. Dynamic taping, by increasing the space between the skin and muscles, has an analgesic effect; the use of kinesio tapes relaxes the muscles and reduces their tension. Because the patches stabilize joints, they are used during sports - they prevent injuries.

Application of kinesio taping:

  • Pain management

  • Circulation problems

  • Relaxing tense muscles

  • Preventing stretch marks

Kinesio patches can be used on almost all parts of the body, e.g. taping of the shoulder blade, wrist, spine, calf or dynamic abdominal taping.


Kinesiotaping – basic therapy in sports!

  • Kinesiotaping is a therapeutic method that has become one of the main elements of treatment of the musculoskeletal system over the past few years. Therapy involving the use of stiff or flexible tapes is finding more and more supporters, not only among ordinary people, but also among sports stars. In this article, we will present what kinesio taping is, when it should be used and what effects it can have on our body.

Advantages of using kinesiotaping tapes :

  • reduce post-traumatic, rheumatic and post-operative pain,

  • relieves spine problems, discopathy and sciatica,

  • reducing the symptoms of heel spurs, tennis elbow and even menstrual pain,

  • relaxes muscles and increases their mobility,

  • reduce swelling, relieve muscles and provide stabilization,

  • prevent injuries while practicing sports,

  • improve blood circulation and ensure lymphatic drainage.

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